5 Things to Look for in Addiction Treatment Programs for Women

Addiction affects women and men differently, which is why female-only treatment centers are so common. A woman who has issues with men, or who simply wants support from other women in a similar situation, may feel more comfortable attending a gender-specific program. Read on to learn more about women-only drug abuse treatment centers in arizona.

Types of Care

A Women’s Addiction Treatment Program may be offered on an inpatient or outpatient basis. As the name implies, inpatient treatment occurs in a residential facility. Such programs are ideally suited to women with severe addictions who need treatment in a supportive, safe environment.

Outpatient treatment is part-time, and it’s better for women who need to maintain an active lifestyle. Treatment is sometimes hard for women because they often lack family support, and many find it difficult to schedule meetings around their children’s needs. Every arizona addiction recovery center is unique, with different services, amenities, and approaches.

Whole-Person Treatment

An integrated treatment program that addresses all a woman’s needs is crucial for those battling addiction. Such programs address the psychological and physical aspects of the disease, as well as the social and spiritual components. Female-focused treatment centers often offer therapies for sexual and emotional traumas, as well as family issues, eating disorders, and self-esteem problems.

Addiction Treatment During Pregnancy

Pregnant women battling addiction should seek treatment that addresses their unique challenges. Pregnancy magnifies the difficulty of drug treatment, and in many cases, it leads to early program termination. Centers should support these women by addressing fetal health and nutritional concerns while discussing pregnancy in an open, accepting manner.

Help With Parenting and Childcare

On-site childcare is another amenity to consider. Studies show that mothers whose children are with them during rehab are more likely to complete their treatment programs. For those with little support from family, programs with childcare may be the only viable option. Some women-only treatment centers offer special services for parents, which address common addiction-related problems. These services often prove crucial for women in recovery.

Gender of Program Personnel

Women should consider the gender of professionals at rehab facilities. Some centers may exclusively accept women, but providers may be of either gender. If a woman believes she may benefit from treatment by an exclusively female staff, she should do some research and choose a treatment center that meets her needs.

Addiction is a devastating disease, and it affects women differently than it does men. Therefore, women should look for gender-specific treatment options when evaluating drug rehab centers prescott arizona. Call today for more details or to schedule a consultation.


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